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Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

A free script to encode your email address and hide it from spam harvesters.

1. Enter Your Info

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2. Copy and Paste the Code

Note: The info you enter is completely anonymous! Your data is never stored or used in any way!

Detailed Instructions

Just enter your Email Address and the Text Link in the first part of the form above and click "Get Code". The first 2 parameters are required but the subject is optional. Copy the resulting code and use the entire code snippet to replace the mailto: link on any web page. The mailto: link looks like this: <a href="mailto:me@mydomain.com">me@mydomain.com</a>. You can also just paste the code anywhere in the body of an HTML page where you want your hidden email address to appear.

Why Do I Need This?

The Problem:

The usual way to include an email address on a web page is to use the mailto: tag. Unfortunately, spam harvesters use "web spiders" to troll the internet and find email address links on websites. If your email address on your site looks like this spamsucker@yahoo.com then you're probably already getting tons of spam. The problem is compounded by the number of sites that your email appears on, some people's email address appears on scores of different pages, providing ample bounty for the automated email harvesters.

How badly does this affect me?

An easy way to find out how many times your email address apears on the web using the mailto: tag is to do a Google search on your email address.

If the search turns up more than 1 hit, then your probably already in the spam harvesters database and are already getting spam. Use the script on this page to replace your email address on all the pages you found. If the search turns up many, many results, it may be best to ditch your current email address, create a new one, and announce it to your friends and associates. Be sure to use this script anytime you post your email address in the future.

How Does it Work?

This script uses Javascript, a very popular scripting language that all modern web browsers are capable of supporting. What it does is hide the script from the Web harvesters, while still allowing a user to click the link and open up their mail program with your correct email address entered into the To: field. For your added convenience, the script also alllows you to specify a subject, which gets entered into the mail client's Subject: field. You can also specify the text to display on your mail link (since you don't want it to reveal your actual email address). Something like "Mail Me" or "Click Here to Send" usually works well. Here's an example of what a mail link created with this script looks like: .

While this script is not foolproof, it will hide your email address from most automated spam harvesters. My experience shows that posting email on web pages is the #1 way that spammers find valid email addresses to broadcast to or sell to other spammers. This simple script should go a long way towards eliminating spam from your inbox. Take a look at this informative article if you'd like more tips on preventing spam.

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